Ibanez 8 string style replacement guitar body.
Around 6 months ago we were asked to make a replacement guitar body for a badly damaged Ibanez RG2228.

Shown below the 2 piece basswood replacement body we made our customer.

After doing this we looked into
the body shape and found that a lot of people on forums were talking about taking their stock EMG pickups from their 2228's and replacing them with Bare Knuckle 8 string pickups. After doing so they were left with unsightly holes around their new pickups, so we decided to make a replacement body for anyone who also wanted to swap their pickups out and avoid this issue all together. They also then get the chance to change the wood of their guitar at the same time if they so choose.

Shown here 1 piece American Red Alder body with BKP routing (Custom green "Aftermath" neck and bridge) and original
Ibanez Edge III-8 trem.

We can now also offer several options for the guitar body. Shown here with tilt input jack 2 piece Limba body, that has been sent away for paint as the body wood has slight (naturally occurring) marks on it.

We can add any of the 3 stock Ibanez style guitar handles to this body, there are to
be more carving options to follow soon.