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March 2013 Continued

rg8 replacement style body BKP

RG8 style body (currently flat, no radius) now available with all options available on the 2228 style so all 3 handles, fake CNC lions claw bigger cutaway on lower horn for easier fret access.
Standard EMG or DiMarzio/BKP pickup routes.
Single pickup route COMING SOON for H-S-H or H-X-S options?

RG8 style replacement body
RG8 style body with added 8 string claw, monkey grip, tilt input jack and BKP routes.

DiMarzio Ionizer 8 string pickup UK
DiMarzio Ionizer 8 string single coil pickups and D Activator 8 pickups available.
cream white and black are the current color options.

Tops now available below see Padauk on Mahogany
ibanez style bodies exotic tops

This is bookmatched front and back

The front
ibanez style replacement body
The back
ibanez style replacement body
Depending on the woods utilized and the complexity, prices on application.

More swirls to add to my collection!
Here a an AMAZING UV AANJ style. NO clear on it yet at all.

I have asked Alan if he will photograph them for me as I have tried, see the above and below picture, taken by alan..
swirl guitar strat steve vai
Above an American strat with Performance handle tilted side input jack and rear cut away on the neck, this is available as is the above UV style body both are 300 pounds each Barrier coated ONLY.

Paint is here, you name it I can get it done for you.
From a straight forward clear coat to Neon to Sparkle to a stain and clear.
stain finished jem style guitar bodystain finished jem style guitar body
dye finished jem style guitar body
More to come next month, I am very busy thanks for all the emails.