Area51customs has been open for over 3 years now, we have sent out just over 100 Guitar bodies to date, that's without having an internet presence or any form of advertising. The compnay was started after a chance meeting in 2009 at a guitar show with Alan Lee from Out Of This
(Below painted by Alan, Bodies made by Us)
swirled strat guitarswirl painted strat guitar like ibanez jem steve vai
H-S-H Strat style body ******************************** S-S-S Strat style body

Alan needed guitar bodies to paint so after visiting his unit and seeing the bodies he had been using I said I could make them for
him and also make them to a much higher standard and that's where it all began.
We have also sent bodies out to
Rocking all over the
The General Public
and soon to be others.

All Wooden Products manifactured at Area51customs are made by Hand from templates on a Industrial Overhead router.
(none of this "hand crafted" OR "hand made" when really using CNC's BS) SEE HERE

(Apart from Jem Style lions claws which have to be CNC'd, these are cut for us by a local engineering firm on their
huge industrial CNC's) look no steps!

At Area 51 we like our music created and nurtured by human hands and minds sung or Screamed by human voices driven by Human arranged complex rhythm played from the hearts of humans with all the passion love and ever other complex emotion from Love to Hate NOT made by or using CNC's OR computers.
So all the items for sale here will have been made in the good old fashioned way, by hand.

Our Aim is to be offering things you can't get anywhere else , and also be the go to company when your looking for Premium quality.
Ibanez UV replacement bodyibanez replacement UV bodies
LEFT: 2 Piece Basswood Ibanez UV replacement body with Prototype handle that never made it to production, the same style as Steve Vai's guitar featured on the cover of Passion and Warfare beautifully painted by Daren Johanson of A.T.D (About Time Designs).
RIGHT: White Limba/African Mahogany/White Limba.