Please email me HERE.

After an order is placed it take between 2-4 weeks depending on complexty of the project.
Projects requiring CNC work (lions claws ONLY) may run over on occasion as all CNC work is done out of house at a Large enginering firm and
so we have no control over this part of the build.
Projects are initiated after 50% down payment is received. (This payment is then confirmed by email and the 2-4 weeks begins)
Changes to an order can be made providing they are still possible (this however may effect the project time frame and price)
All work is sent out fully insured courier, you can opt out but if damaged in transit you have zero recorse.
All orders and postage are subject to 4% paypal charge.
Upon your order completion you will be sent photographs and then the outstanding project and postage costs must be paid in full.
ALL Cancelations incur a none refund of deposit.
Returns are except but never expected. Returns will incur a 20% restock charge. Any damage to the product will also be deducted from any refund.
Returns postage costs are the responsibility of the customer.
If you require any Pickups, cliplocks Knobs, switches please order these at the same time as your guitar body.

If you are emailing asking about custom options on a particular body shape, please visit the FOR SALE page, Click on the body style you are interested in.
Then click the "CLICK HERE" text to see the available custom options for that body shape.
8 string voyager replacement RG2228 style bodyswirl guitar body by out of this

LEFT: 8 String RG2228 style replacement body with Voyager style cut, BKP pickup route and a UV prototype style handle
RIGHT: Magma swirled 2 piece Limba UV style body painted by Out Of This