We have supplied bodies for companies out there, some don't mind being named others would rather retain their anonymity, which we respect.

Here are a few companies we have worked with so far and hope to again in the future.

swirl guitar****jem replacement body****swirl guitar
********Out Of This Swirled.com************ Inky Hollow.co.uk************Rocking All Over The Swirled.com

If you are a guitar painter looking for the best quality replacement bodies as a base for your work then please contact us.

customes guitars
You will find projects by Private individuals who used our replacement bodies. HERE Please send us a picture
of your completed project to add to this section.

voayger 8 string replacement guitar body RG2228 style RG2228 style replacement guitar body in ash hand made
LEFT: Voyager RG2228 style hybrid BKP route. RIGHT: 2 piece Ash RG2228 style BKP route plus RB jem style handle