June 2013 Continued

New options this month are DiMarzio 8 String routes in your replacement bodies H-S-H.
alder 2228 style body with DiMarzio Ionizers 8 strings DiMarzio 8 string Ionizer route ibanez rg2228 style replacement body hand made UK

hangar 18 alan out of this swirled
In other news, as some of you may already know, Alan X Out Of this Swirled was painting some new concepts for us that he never got
around to during the years he was working at OOTS sadly he has pulled the plug on this again due to health reasons. He had built most of his side of
this site (SEEN ABOVE) and has painted a few new things so I will post those up soon for you all to see.

I do have paint facilities though so standard paint jobs are possible. I will post some pictures of some
new finishes, a few of which are just jaw dropping IMO and I can see them being VERY popular.

More news and updates soon, thanks for all the new M.L subscribers I will have a new offer for you soon.

swirl by out of this swirled DNA Ibanez style swirl by out of this swirled UVMC Ibanez style

LEFT: Lizard DNA swirled jem style body by Alan Out Of This Swirled. HERE
RIGHT: UVMC Style PAW swirl again by Alan Out Of This Swirled HERE