Everything has now gone.
We don't sell anything anymore and soon this site will be changing ownership.
We offically closed to new business in October of 2014 and sold all our machines within weeks of the decision.
It's taken 14 months to sell off all the stock we had left over even with our stella reputation and slashing prices....

I would just like to take this time to say a big Thank you to everyone who purchased or ordered anything from us over the short space of time that we
offered our goods. We took great pride in our work, when I say we I mean "I" as it was me alone.
I started out in this venture not through planning but due to being left with no option but to make Guitar bodies. Up until that point in my life
I had never been interested in woodworking, it just goes to show even a complete novice can make great bodies if they put the time and effort
into making them as good as the originals or throwing them on the fire if they aren't. When that is your stardard you get a good reputation, we also
built up everything we made to be sure everything was 100%.

Thank you all once again, All the best!!

December (Almost) 2014
The Ubber sale is on and this week 6 swirls went, so if you are after one of the last OOTS swirls then
better act quick as there are not many left- 17 to be exact.
The 8 string bodies are going to go on ebay soon and to cover the additional cost of ebay fees they will be about 8-15 pounds more expensive

I had to salvage these pictures off the internet as the customer who bought this body from Alan never sent me or Alan any pictures and it came out looking a stunner IMO.

The two below belong to Valery, thanks for the pics Val.

Valery is a self confessed swirl-o-holic. As you can see the two above are not pictures below.

Valery has a lot of OOTS swirls. Find a link to his page HERE. His band is called "15 Reasons".

November 2014
2228 replacement guitar body UK Padauk2228 replacement ibanez body UK
2 Ibanez 8 string replacement projects recently sent in to us, great jobs guys.

Please grab what you can as all my prices have gone down again, some items as much as 30 pounds. The reduction include the swirl painted bodies from Out Of This Swirled.com.

I have recently gone and collected 4 guitar bodies that were being painted by 2 local firms and never finished. These bodies will be put up for sale on ebay with a low starting price as they need to be finished some are not perfect (paint wise). I will add pictures when I have taken them, one is a real eye catcher IMO, it's a square neck jem body 2 piece alder I believe.

1 Boa skinned Jem style body square neck joint.
2. UV/JEM Pink Rubber finish.
3 AANJ Merc Gold Jem replacement
4 Mahogany UV Carbon Fiber finished body.

padauk ibanez 2228 project

October 2014
Super sale now on.
Again we have had a couple of pictures in from 2 more builds, thanks guys for those.
ibanez universe replacement

2228 ibanez replacement body UK

July 2014
We have had a few pictures in during the past few weeks, here are a couple of new custom Builds. Put together by there respective owners, 3 Great looking guitars I think you would all agree.
ibanez 7 string replacement

dna swirl ibanez
Below is Val's Proto UV AANJ
ibanez universe UVRE proto swirl universe
Again thanks to all who sent in their pictures, it's really gratifying to see your results and read your emails.

June 2014
Had some great Pictures in from a customer, now this is the way a project should be done IMO.
ibanez 2228 replacment body
Other pictures can be found in the customer project section. For ever 20 bodies that go out I must get one set of pictures back.
I think this is killer HERE are the other pictures.

April 2014

Some new 2014 OOTS swirls and bargins too.

We have also had a few pictures from some nice customers who have their projects back together and have taken a few pictures for us.

7 and 6 string JPM style bodies.
jpm 7 replacement body ibanez style
jpm 7 replacement body ibanez style
Blasted ash Universe front routered project.
blasted uv neon green ibanez universe

See others HERE.

Thanks for your help


March 2014
We are now stocking Hipshot fixed bridges in Chrome Black and Gold for 6,7,8, and 9 string guitars
hipshot bridges uk dealer

sent out in the UK next day insured tracked special delivery.
If you need them you can find them HERE.

FEB 2014.

The sale is back on with SLASHES MADE TO ALL PRICES , please do remember that we still have lots of DiMarzios in stock should your project require a cliplock or a new set of Blazes.
There are loads of great bodies still available.

RG2228 style body test fit original Ibanez neck.

We nolonger make any bodies to order sorry.

JAN 2014

HNY to all- from Alan and I.

Hope you like Alans idea.

swirl by out of this swirled.com
Lots of new Out Of This Swirled bodies added to the for sale/swirl page. HERE
I still have a couple of others up my sleave.
swirl by out of this swirled.com
Proto handled Basswood 2 piece UV style guitar like Steve Vai's from the PAW album cover. Only AANJ 67mm neck.

September 2013

I have initiated a waiting list no new orders until
I have gotten all my builds back up to date as I have fallen a few weeks behind due to a machinery issue.

Sorry for the delays

Many thanks ZJ

August 2013

I have decided to clear all my stock and work differently.

blast guitars
July 2013

Blast Guitars from Hangar 18

New Swirls from Out Of This Swirled

More HERE.
swirl guitar alan out of this swirled hangar 18 area51customs
June 2013

A bit of news HERE.

RGD7 style replacement guitar body hand built uk
JPM ibanez style body
strat style bodies by area51customs

May 2013

I am very busy making bodies to be painted
by Alan MORE and several orders.

I have also finished working on RGD7 style templates, click the MORE above to see more.

I have also nearly finsihed the fireverse bodies.

Follow the link to check out the latest things we have been up to.

Check out our JPM7 custom project HERE see on the left.

3D line art by alan OUT OF THIS SWIRLED
April 2013

25% off all Current stock Guitar bodies in the "FOR SALE" section (*NOT including swirls)


Remaining Out Of This Swirled Swirls up for sale!

Neck template work progressing

Alan (x OOTS) is now working with me.
3D Line Art planned Paint jobs.

on several bodies
These BODIES exclude the 25% discount.

If you were a Mailing List member you would have been Email offered these bodies a week ago for first bite of the cherry so to speak.

gmc swirl ibanez style
March 2013
RG8 Style bodies now available with BKP/DiMarzio pickup routes, Handles, tilted input jack and all other options available with the 2228 style body (no pictures yet).
Tops now available.

More swirls.
Clear coating
Satin Finishes
Oil finishes

February 2013
I have had a very busy start to the year, I'm back working on the latest bodies and trying to get a few of the models I have under the "coming soon" captions finished. Pictures next month of some new things fingers crossed.
painter ibanez style replacement body
January 2013
A happy new year to you all.
I have almost finished moving unit,
I am working with a new painter.....fingers crossed.
I hope to be offering a lot of new options soon due to some new/bigger machines.

I have added several new bodies to the for sale sections.
More news next time I have been much too busy.
left handed ibanez style replacement guitar body
rg2228 replacement bodies hand made UK
December 2012
As Promised
Left handed bodies are now available.
LEFT: RG 1570 style neck pocket, Edge pro trem H-X-S Limba laminate.

New 8 string replacement body Options too.
wood yard
8 string replacement guitar body Ibanez style RG2228
November 2012
Back to the local wood yard. Picked up some blanks ready for the colder months as I don't like the winter....

I have been working on my 8 string options too, after a few orders see what's I've been up to
wood pile
October 2012
First an apology to all who emailed me whilst I was away on holiday as you may see from my October news half way through the month I am a little busy. I am being asked for swirls from O.O.T swirled I do have them now but I am having great difficulties in photographing them. I am in the process of getting a better camera to try to capture them correctly, so please be patient with me. MORE
swirl guitars out of this swirled

September 2012
Swirls are on the way. Here is a quick picture of some of the mine. They are still at Out Of this swirled but will arrive in the next few weeks. They will be up for sale in the next few weeks, 2 have been added already to the for sale section (I am having great difficulties in representing them correctly as they are extremely hard to photograph!)
I am still very hard at work both here and at my full time job, please pop back often for the latest developments.
Lefties I did hear you, all of you.
A word re the swirls. Alan has said that the swirls he has done for me might well be his last EVER.

July 2012
You may have already noticed I have made the pictures bigger on the site so it's easier to see items and their quality.
All the old pictures will stay the same but any new bodies will be posted up in the new bigger format.

Swirled bodies!!
As some of you may know? (if not SEE HERE) I started making replacement guitar bodies expressly for Alan from Out Of This Swirled a few years ago. Around 6 months ago Alan made the decision to close his company down and during this time he and I have been talking about him coming to work with me as a painter. I can now finally say publicly that Alan will be painting some guitar bodies for us from time to time in the future.

I also have some of his finest swirls from the past year+ (IMO) and they will be put up for sale in the future. Some of you may have seen some of them ever so briefly in his for sale section. Others have never been see before as I put my name on them soon as I saw them in the flesh!
I will also be offering some of his latest creations, they're different to anything you have seen before in a good way.

More news on this will follow soon.

limba strat style body
June 2012

I have just finished my new templates for an 8 string replacement body
for an ibanez RG2228. This is for the people out there who change their pickups from the stock EMG's to the more popular BKP and are left with huge holes around their pickups. Shown here with "Aftermath" pickups in the neck and bridge position. These bodies have a few alteration all IMO for the better, and more will follow.
For more information see HERE.

I keep receiving emails asking about necks and sadly I have had no time to work on them these past 2 months as I have been very busy with body orders and my real job.
I also had other things I have been meaning to do for some time too. Like adding the Steve Vai performance super strat handle as an option on my strat style bodies among other things. More to come there as you can guess.

More infomation and pictures see HERE

2 piece white Limba body.
limba seven string replacement guitar body
May 2012
I've been busy at work this past month, the firemen have progressed but are still not an available option, I have also been working on another RG shape guitar, it will have BKP pickup routes in it to replace the coffins they are currently sold with as this appears to be a very popular modification, I hope to offer this as an option soon. Thanks for all your emails.
Major Webpage update soon, to include project page and other sections.
Ibanez style Fireman guitar body
April 2012
I have almost finished my Fireman templates these bodies will be available soon in various configurations, they will be the best available anywhere the only ones I can find available elsewhere have lots of missing cuts from them, too many to mention here.

JPM Ibanez style replacement seven string UK
April 2012
I am now able to offer the JPM (John Petrucci Model) style configuration body as a replacement in various woods.
Shown here with a Tilted input jack.
This can be AANJ or Square neck 6 or 7 string, whatever you

Mahogany Seven String version pictured.
Purple Dimarzio covers
March 2012
Had some DiMarzio pickup covers specially sprayed in Neon Colors for us, Yellow, Orange and pink. More to come.

area51customs UK site
January 2012
Lauch of my long overdue site.
Some pages of my site are not completed but will be soon, with hardware Fixed bridges from Hipshot, trems from Floyd Rose pickups from DiMarzio, EMG,Seymour Duncan and Bare Knuckle.
Please come back often as things will be moving quickly I hope to be able to offer you things you just can't get anywhere else.

replacement ibanez style guitar body UKJPM Ibanez style replacement guitar body UK
LEFT: One Piece Limba body. RIGHT: A Beautiful 2 piece African Mahogany JPM7 Style body.