October 2012 Continued

I have been to the wood yard to stock up on Alder, Ash, Basswood, Sapele and others.
Here is a billet of Padauk on the planner before and after a few passes.
padauk before

padauk after
A Strikingly beautiful wood. Its colors running from a soft pink brown to a full bright rich red and on to burgundy.

One of the UVstyle PAW swirled guitars that I now have in my possession photographed here by Alan at his unit @outofthisswirled.
swirled replacement UV body by Out Of This swirled
This will be available / is available protection coated ONLY its £250. (1 or 2 piece Basswood) I will need to check.
I will also be able to get them clear coated for an additional £210.

I have some AWESOME DNA's that look like the real things!
Some GMC's and other PAWS and I have to say that they
have to be some of the best I have seen Alan do.