One we found on the internet
uvre style swirled guitar by out of this

Here are 2 swirls that Valery from "15 Reasons" built up.
swirled ibanez 7 string by out of this
swirled ibanez guitar made by area51customs painted by alan from out of this
He has loads more, his Proto swirled UV is below.

A great Ibanez 2228 replacement project with a Padauk Body routed for BKP's, this was a stunning bit of wood with great lines.
Padauk Ibanez rg2228 body UK area51customs
Here Below are 2 both of these were great pieces of wood. On the RIGHT Shauns build.
Padauk 2228 replacement guitar body UKlaminate 8 string 2228 Ibanez replacement UK
This Blank was too narrow for a one piece by about 1" so I cut it down the middle and added the laminates.
shauns replacement ibanez 2228 body UK

Here is Jakes from Canada 8 string, H-X-H DiMarzios Nice and bright one off for sure, love it.

2228 ibanez replacement body UK

This one is from Chris in the US, his build, his neck, all we supplied was a raw wood multilam UV/7620 Ibanez Replacement body.
universe body Ibanez replacement
universe body Ibanez replacementuniverse body Ibanez replacement

universe body Ibanez replacement

dna ibanez swirled by out of this swirled

Valerts Proto UV.
universe body Ibanez replacement swirled proto

Here is another great 8, again thanks for the picture and the link. 8/6/2014

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send me their build pictures, they are most gratifying.


Hi Zack,

Finally got the 8 string finished. Maybe not to everyones taste, but I love it. RGA8 neck with a custom made mother of pearl logo. Japanese cherry blossom fabric under laquer with a black burst. Dimarzio Ionizers with TAM100 wiring. It all fitted together without issue and sounds and plays fantastic.

Thanks again for sorting me out with such an excellent body for it.



I love it too. Thanks G for taking the time to send the pictures to me.

neon blasted universe style ibanez body

JPM 6 and 7 string Projects.
jpm 7 replacement body ibanez style

jpm 7 replacement body ibanez style

swirl by out of this swirled
UVMC style replacement BODY painted by alan Out Of this swirled built up by Dirk T from Baltimore America, and it's a stunner.

custom ibanez bodycustom ibanez body
custom ibanez bodycustom ibanez body
This was painted and assembeled by Oliver Pfaender and what a great job he did also.

1527 custom build
I would LOVE to take creidt for this build but all I did was supply the 1527 Limba body which was then routered away and the top was replaced and totally rebuilt into a thing of beauty by Sasa Premak from .
1527 custom build

1527 custom build1527 custom build

neon ornage 8 string
Anttis 3rd body, this time a blasted ash RG2228 style Replacement in Neon Orange BKP routes tilt jack RB handle.
rg8 replacement guitar body
Aleksandr from Russia's RG8 Replacement FLAT TOP body 44mm thick tilt jack DiMarzio routes with edge FX Trem.
Oil finish Ash 2 piece body.
Neck pocket shots.
rg8 replacement guitar bodyrg8 replacement guitar body
rg8 replacement guitar body

Big thanks for the great picture Aleksandr.

dna ibanez style replica
Nikos Tavoularis from Greeces DNA replica


limba ibanez replacement jem hybrid body
Martijns Hybrid body with Original Ibanez neck, titl jack root beer handle and RGD style carving.

1527 custom body
Cam's One Piece Mahogany 1527 style body added tilt jack no tone knob BKP routes Satin clear finish rear lower horn cut away.
Original Ibanez Neck.

left handed ibanez style replacement body
One Piece Alder left handed Replacement RG H-S-S style guitar body. Original Ibanez neck.

ibanez GMC swirled by out of this swirled
Tims GMC Jem style body. Painted by Out Of This original Ibanez neck

swirled by out of thie swirled body by area51customs uk
Jeans Jem style body another Painted by Alan of Out Of This Swirled. Customs neck .

octaverse 2228 style body by area51customs
Michaels RG2228 style body swirled by OOTS with original Ibanez neck + altered fingerboard and headstock.

replacement guitar body ibanez style
Shanes 777DY style project painted by Rockin all over the

replacement guitar body swirled
Emils Strat project painted by Alan from Out Of This

swirled UV style guitar body
Picture courtesy of Ryc from the USA painted by Alan from Out Of this Original Ibanez neck.

replacement ibanez body
Antti's Replacement RG 7620+ Mahogany body, with original Ibanez Neck.

one piece limba seven string Ibanez replacement guitar body
Above is a one piece Limba RG 7620 style replacement guitar body. With original Ibanez Neck.

swirled seven string guitar
Above is a Alder swirled replacement Universe style body, neck is not made by us. Painted by O.O.T Swirled.

UV replacemnt ibanez body
Above 2 piece Alder older UV square neck body completed in Finland. Original Ibanez neck.

Ibanez Replacement body UV square
Above Square neck UV 2 piece Mahogany body. Original Ibanez Neck.

jem HHH ash replacement body
Above guitar by Zoot from jemsite 2 piece Ash jem replacement body H-H-H.

LNG clone replacement jemjem replacement body inky hollow
LNG Clone Basswood body by Johnny Mills from Rocking All Over The LINK
P.A.W artwork Alder jem style replacement AANJ body by Inky LINK