router and template guitar

The tools used are irrelevant the results produced are paramount.
A machine has no pride or shame in it's output.
Here at Area 51 customs A.T.D (Attention To Detail) is our target.

ibanez handle stylereplacement ibanez body

Things that are supposed to have Radiuses Radiused, countersunk, countersunk (see above) and so on. A simple glue joint is often overlooked by some,
when in truth it is of major importance, the less glue the better the jointing.

The seemingly trivial often considered minutiae become critical later in lots of builds.

Most customers wouldn't notice these things hence a lot of CNC bodies have these important cuts missing all together. You have to realize they
were put there for a reason, why ignore them?
These cuts take time and add complexity to some bodies so they are ignored by some other custom shops.
CNC can be used in the most amazing fashions, sadly by most exponents they are a short cut to an end result
and are never used to there full potential.

ibanez replacement body
LEFT: Ibanez 8 string style replacement body made to accept BKP. 1 Piece American Alder body.
RIGHT: 2 Piece Rear cut Rock Maple replacemet UV style body Tone Monster.